kite begginer corralejo beach

Kite basics

you will learn how to control the kite on the beach, how to use the security systems and you will get basic weather and safety theory.

boat session kite fuerteventura channel

Boat Session

You have full attention of the team, during boat session we always stay @ contact, you’re never left alone in water.

advance you kiting

Advance on your kiteboarding

Improve your skills in a one on one session, with our qualified instructor, only focused on your progression

Learn to kite in Fuerteventura

About us

Line Up Kite Fuerteventura School is located in north Fuerteventura, in Corralejo town, one of the best places to practice kitesurf. As a test center, Line Up and their full qualified instructors, are the only kite school in europe to offer you the opportunity to practice your favorite water sport with the newest and best equipment of the leader’s brands on the market like: , Firewire, Naish, Billabong; FCS and more…
Line Up’s kite-instructors take you through all the steps of learning how to kitesurf in Fuerteventura, making sure you have a great time ! Choose the formula that fits your availability, objectives and budget.
At the end of your course with us, you will be ready for your kite life, having solid technical & safety knowledge.

Kite basics

2 days

2 days

During the first day, you will learn how to control the kite on the beach, how to use the security systems and you will get basic weather and safety theory.
You’ll then be ready for the boat session.
We will start with body dragging, technics to relaunch the kite while in the water, then water start & possibly your first rides …
The boat sessions allow you to progress fast & safely. This is great to be able to just ride straight ahead without obstacles & get a maximum of experience in an intense session.
The boat is following you, always at visual contact, you are directly connected by radio system with the instructor who is supervising your progression. Each lesson day will start with a brief theory lesson or video analysis in our classroom.

3 days

3 days

More kite relaunches, water-starts, downwind rides, kite & board control optimization, possibly first up-wind rides.

4 days

4 days

Lets go for our first beach start session.
Day one, you have learned how to control the kite on the beach, day 2 & 3, you have done your first rides on water, you can waterstart. If conditions are apropiate we might replace the boat session by a Beach start session. Where you will learn how to prepare organize your beach set up correctly and ride safely from the beach and back with a plan for fast & smart progression.

5-6 days

5 to 6 days

Together with the instructor & other students, you will decide what the session will be about. Another beachstart session, a new boat session, first tricks,  jumps, etc..
With precise technical objectives, this session will bring you to next level.

Kite School Prices

beach flying session99 €
boat session149 €
2 sessions245 €
3 sessions345 €
4 sessions399 €
5 sessions499 €
Xtra session from 4th.100 €

Kite School Private

1 session boat299,00 €

Kite School Specials

Downwind with school boat session99,00 €
Downwind session with boat assistance (way to go or return by boat)2 pers129,00 €
3 pers119,00 €
From 4 pers99,00 €
Beach start session (Basic or Advanced) ex: freestyle tricks / wave riding / foil99,00 €
Session survey with jetski or boat (no downwind , ex: Lobos crossing)99,00 €

Foil School Prices

beach start session
99 €
boat session ( minimum 2 )
149 €
Jet session ( 1 pers )99 €


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Some random pics from our latest courses, students and friends in some of the best spots for kiting in Fuerteventura an all year around experience. Come and experience with us..